Sierra Club Outing Dinner

colby_17_muir_eating_with_ladies_at_kern_river_photoDinnertime at the Kern River during a Sierra Club Outing. John Muir is seated on a log talking with Miss Kneffer, a Vassar professor. At the left is Miss Nora Thomas. 1908. Photographer unknown. Photo courtesy of the Sierra Club.


John Muir + Presidential Party

colby_roosevelt_party_at_grizzly_giant_by_leconte_close_up_photoJohn Muir and President Theodore Roosevelt standing in front of the Grizzly Giant in Mariposa Big Tree Grove in 1903. Photograph by Joseph N. LeConte (1870–1950). Left to right: Two Secret Service agents, Secretary of the Navy William Henry Moody, California Governor George Pardee, Roosevelt, Dr. Presley Marion Rixey, Muir, Nicholas Murray Butler, Presidential secretary William Loeb Jr, and University of California president Benjamin Ide Wheeler. Image courtesy of the Sierra Club.