Submitted by Sophia C.

I really enjoyed my trip to Yosemite. The views were great and seeing the mountains, trees, and waterfalls was amazing. Seeing everything in person is definitely different and much better than viewing the scenery from an image. It was fun spending time in nature, you really do feel at peace!

-Sophia C.


Submitted by Jillian S.

IMG_6745.JPGIn 2016, I visited Yosemite. This is a photo of me in Tuolumne Meadows (John Muir has wrote about this in several of his journals). I was in awe of how large, open, and free the meadows were. It was beautiful seeing endless land in front of me with no buildings in site. The air was so fresh and I loved not hearing any city noises! It was something out of a movie.

-Jillian S.